How the custom decking process works

Choose A Boat Decking Pro That Puts Your Needs First.

At Marine Customs we specialize in designing and CNC fabricating various products from U-Dek marine flooring to acrylic dash/switch panels. Our team wants to help you get the most out of your time on the water. Let’s take a closer look at our custom options.

Our Custom Decking Process

We’ll Scan Your Boat

Our custom decking options start with a scan of your boat. We’ll come to you, or you can bring your boat to us (additional cost savings to you) in order to digitally template your boat for a precise measurement of all areas to be installed with our marine decking product.

Your Boats Design Layout Gets Completed

Our CAD design team re-draws your boat from the digital scan we acquired while taking a number of design elements into consideration, such as but not limited to; offsets to be added beyond the areas of your boats textured non-skid, direction of the grains from our brushed textured finish when applicable, if and where any additional seams or breaks in the material need to be fabricated based on your boat’s design layout etc.

Your Decking Gets Custom Fabricated

The fabrication process begins with our shop crew pulling all sheets required for your custom project and ensuring that all sheets meet our quality standards and are without any imperfections. From there, our CNC table is prepped with the appropriate tooling based on the requirements of your boat flooring project. Once all prefabrication inspection requirements have been met with satisfaction, your custom project gets cut and then moved to a second staging area for a final quality inspection.

Your Boat Gets Installed

Depending on the custom path you’ve chosen, you may have opted for us to complete the final installation, or you may have chosen to do the installation yourself. Either way and regardless of your installation path, the surface preparation is of the most importance as we must ensure that your boat’s deck is clean from all debris, oils, and dirt. Our installers use acetone to remove any potential dirt or oils left behind which can cause our decking to lose its adhesion over time. Once we’ve temporarily placed each part on your boats surface, our installers will double check for proper alignment and orientation of each part before permanently adhering the decking to your boat’s surface.