July 22, 2019
ten tips for new boaters

10 Tips for New Boaters

You’ve been wanting a boat for years. But it just never quite worked out financially. Recently, though, you’ve been pinching pennies and saving money whenever possible
July 22, 2019
how to choose boat decking like a pro

How to Choose Boat Decking Like a Pro

Nothing beats spending time out on the water with friends and family. The last few years, though, you’ve completely forgotten about your boat.
July 22, 2019
how to buy a boat and stay within budget

How to Buy a Boat and Stay Within Budget

More Americans are buying boats than ever before. According to Jim Gold of Money Talks News, recreational boat ownership has been surging since the end of
July 22, 2019
top tips to make your boat sell faster

Top Tips to Make Your Boat Sell Faster

You’ve made countless memories with your boat in recent years. For example, you can’t remember a holiday when your family wasn’t out on the water
July 22, 2019

What to Know About Florida Boating Regulations

It’s officially boating season. But before you head out on the water with friends and family, it’s a good idea to review the state’s regulations.
July 22, 2019
must have items for a day of boating

Must-Have Items for a Day of Boating

Whether you take your boat out on the water every weekend or just a few times a year, it’s critical to have the essential items onboard. […]
July 22, 2019
snacks to bring on a boat

Snacks to Bring on a Boat

All of the necessary safety equipment was on board (hopefully). Not to mention, it was a picture-perfect day to be out on the water. But then […]
July 22, 2019
debunking the top boat myths

Debunking the Top Boating Myths

There are countless myths out there when it comes to boating. In this post, we thought it would be good to debunk some of these misconceptions.